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Faculty Research Interests

Algebra and Number Theory:
  Jeffrey Riedl, Ethel Wheland

Analysis and PDE:
  Dmitry Golovaty, Laura Gross, Ali Hajjafar Timothy Norfolk

Education in Mathematics:
  Laurie Dunlap, Ali Hajjafar, Antonio Quesada, Linda Saliga, Ethel Wheland

Dynamical Systems:
  Curtis Clemons, Laura Gross, J. Patrick Wilber

Mathematical Physics:
  Dmitry Golovaty

Mathematics of Materials:
  Curtis Clemons, Dmitry Golovaty, Laura Gross, Kevin Kreider, J. Patrick Wilber, Joseph Wilder, Gerald Young

  Curtis Clemons, Dmitry Golovaty, Laura Gross, Gerald Young

Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation:
  Ali Hajjafar, John Heminger, Kevin Kreider, Lala Krishna, Joseph Wilder

Combinatorics and Graph Theory:
  Michael Ferrara

Signal and Image Processing:
  Dale Mugler, Stu Clary

Matrix Iterative Analysis and Linear Algebra:
  Lala Krishna


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