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Master's Program Degree Requirements

This program is designed to give students a solid foundation in graduate level mathematics, to provide hands-on experience in problem-solving and the uses of technology, and to allow returning mathematics teachers to upgrade their qualifications. The program addresses the State and Regional needs for students with advanced training in quantitative and analytical analysis, and prepares students for employment in government agencies, industry, financial sectors, K-12 education, college teaching, and advanced studies in doctoral programs.

For full admission, the applicant must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with an overall grade-point average of 2.75 or better or 3.00 for the last two years (64 semester credits or equivalent); or hold an advanced degree from an accredited college or university in or appropriate to the intended field; or holds a baccalaureate or master's degree from a foreign college or university, plus satisfactory evidence of competence in English. More detailed admission information can be found in the Graduate Bulletin.

Upon admission to the program, each student will undergo a review. Deficiencies in any mathematical area will add to the number of credits required for graduation. Core requirements already satisfied will be replaced by approved electives.

To receive the degree of Master of Science in Mathematics, the student must:

  • pass the courses in his or her chosen option with a grade point average of no less than 3.0 (with no more than two grades below B-).
  • submit a satisfactory Mathematics Seminar paper or a Master's Thesis.

The options are listed below along with the courses that are covered in the initial Placement Review.

The Program of Study

Placement Review
Advanced Calculus I (3450:521) and Abstract Algebra I (3450:511) have been completed or will be added to the degree requirements.
Core and Elective Requirements
The core and elective requirements are listed below:
One of:     Credits
Advanced Linear Algebra
  3450:513 Theory of Numbers 3.0
Both of:      
  3450:512 Abstract Algebra II 3.0
  3450:522 Advanced Calculus II 3.0
One of:      
  3450:621 Real Analysis 3.0
  3450:625 Analytic Function Theory 3.0
Both of:      
  3450:636 Advanced Combinatorics & Graph Theory 3.0
  3450:692 Seminar in Mathematics* 2.0
One of:      
  3470:550 Probability 3.0
  3470:551 Theoretical Statistics 3.0
  3470:561 Applied Statistics I 4.0
  3470:651 Probability and Statistics 4.0
Electives: 3-13 credits

* 3450:692 Seminar in Mathematics may be repeated once, for a total of 4 credits.



Thesis Option
A minimum of 30 credits is required. All elective courses musst be approved by the graduate advisor. An acceptable master's degree thesis must be completed for 2-4 credits in 3450:699 Master's Thesis. Before registering for Master's Thesis, the student will meet with the advisory committee for evaluation of the thesis topic and will present a formal plan of development.
Non-Thesis Option
A minimum of 33 credits is required. All elective courses musst be approved by the graduate advisor. In addition, the student will generate a project or paper to complete the degree.

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