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Course Sequence

To receive a Bachelor of Science of Bachelor of Arts degree in the Applied Mathematics program, the student must meet the General Education requirements and the second year of a foreign language. The student must also take at least 38 departmental credits including the following:*


Course No. Course Name Credits
3460:209 Intro. to Computer Science 4
3450:221,2,3 Analytic Geometry-Calculus I, II, III 2
3450:335 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations 3
3450:312 Linear Algebra 3
3450:421 Advanced Calculus I 6
3450:427,8 Applied Numerical Methods I, II 6
3450:436 Mathematical Models 3
3450:461 Applied Statistics I 4

Choose at least one of the following two courses:


Course No. Course Name Credits
3450:422 Advanced Calculus II 3
3450:425 Complex Variables 3


    Electives (300/400 level) 18 credits of which:

  • At least 6 credits are from some approved area, such as chemistry, physics, engineering, economics, etc.
  • At least 3 credits from 3450 courses.

*The courses 3450:100, 113-138, 145, 149, 401; 3470:250-257, 260-262, 280; and most 3460 courses do not meet these degree requirements.



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